Course Requests (MYAP)


In late fall, every Virtual Campus student will meet with their school counselor to make course requests for the next school year. At Virtual Campus, these meetings take place through Teams. During course request meetings, students will talk with their school counselor about their post-secondary plans and goals. Counselors will help students choose courses that will prepare them for their planned post-secondary goals.


All VC students will need to complete the appropriate grade-level planning sheet prior to meeting with their counselor. This gives the student and counselor a starting point for what classes each student wants to take. Grade-level planning sheets and an updated course catalog will be posted here in October before the start of course request meetings. If students choose not to meet with their counselor, counselors will enter their course requests based on what classes are needed to progress toward graduation on time.


MYAP Course Request Information for 24-25 School Year


Informational Documents

24-25 HS Course Catalog

24 25 SY MYAP Overview for Caregivers

Central Campus 24 25 Requestable Courses

Grade Planning Sheets

VC 9th Grade Course Request 24 25 SY

VC 10th Grade Course Request 24 25 SY

VC 11th Grade Course Request 24 25 SY

VC 12th Grade Course Request 24 25 SY


Book a MYAP meeting with Ms. Ally Gumpert Schmidt (HS last names A–K)

Book a MYAP meeting with Ms. Brenna Stoffa (L–Z)