Frequently Asked Questions

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The following questions and answers will help you become more familiar with Virtual Campus and how it can help earn a diploma from Des Moines Public Schools.

What is online learning?
It includes learning with the assistance of the Internet and a personal computer. The term e-learning, or electronic learning, often is used interchangeably with online learning.

Will students receive training on how to use the Canvas Platform?
Yes, students will take Canvas 101 prior to engaging in Virtual Campus coursework

How many classes can my student take while attending Virtual Campus?
A full-time student is one who takes at least 4 courses/2.0 credits a semester. It is important that students maintain full-time status to remain eligible for a number of assistance services and to stay on track for high school graduation. Students can take up to 6 classes maximum (3.0 Credits) a semester.

Are the classes a semester long?
Virtual Campus classes are actually a half-semester long, or a Term. This provides students with greater flexibility in their schedule so they are not trying to manage too many online courses at the same time. It also provides a better, more focused outlet of digital communication with their teachers.

Does my student still get the same holiday breaks as a traditional classroom student?
Yes. A Virtual Campus student will follow the same school calendar as the Traditional Classroom student.

Where can I see my student’s grades?
There will be a section on Canvas for students to keep up on their scores for assignments, but all final grades will be found and recorded on Infinite Campus

Can my student attend any college or university after graduating from an online school?
Yes! Virtual Campus thrives itself on providing a quality rigorous online education that compares to a brick and motor school, just in a different modality! You will graduate with a DMPS high school diploma!

What technology will my student be provided?
Your student will receive a computer, charger, bag, Canvas Student App, and Teams.

What does communication look like from teacher to student in an online setting?
Communication can be received in a variety of ways in Virtual Campus. Through discussions, messages, emails, phone calls, video conferencing, Microsoft Teams, or face to face by appointment during teacher’s office hours.

What if my student needs extra help?
There are many ways Virtual Campus can provide additional support:

  • Meet with teacher/counselor during set office hours/make an appointment
  • Academic Counselor available
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Daily open contact from 8:30-6:30 (2-hour response time)
  • Collaboration opportunities with other students

Does my student still have to take state and district wide assessments?
Yes, all students are still required to take part in all state-wide district assessments.

Will my student receive a student ID to access Central Campus, activities, etc?
Yes, your student will receive a Student ID.

How will my student be able to participate in sports or activities?
In order to participate in sports/activities, student must be a full-time student. The student will participate for their home school according to their address.

If an open-enrolled student, this student may participate in up to 2 sports/activities at their home attendance high school!

Who do I contact for questions and more information about Virtual Campus?
Jon Mendoza- Director of Virtual Campus – call 515-242-8483, or email at

Heather Menninga -Executive Project Assistant – call 515-242-8483, or email at

Karin Mills – Virtual Campus Counselor – call 515-339-4517, or email at