Counselors & Assistance

Here are some of the areas in which Virtual Campus counselors offer support:

  1.  Academic Guidance: We help students with course selection, schedule planning, and academic goal setting.  
  2.  College and Career Counseling: We assist students in exploring career interests, identifying potential career paths, and understanding the educational requirements needed for various professions. We provide information about colleges, universities, vocational schools, and other post-secondary options, as well as help with college applications and financial aid.  We administer career assessments and provide resources to help students explore different career options based on their interests, skills, and strengths.
  3.  Personal and Social Support: We help with issues related to stress, anxiety, friendships, family problems, and other personal matters.
  4.  College and Scholarship Applications: We offer guidance on filling out college applications, writing personal statements, and seeking scholarships and financial aid.
  5.  Standardized Testing Information: We provide information about standardized tests such as the ISASP, ELPA, STAMP, AP and ACT, including registration deadlines and test preparation resources.