About Us

Virtual Campus

Vision: We are committed to ensuring equitable access and outcomes for each learner.

Mission: DMPS Virtual Campus supports all unique learners to:
• Thrive, learn, and belong in a personalized, technology-based learning environment
• Achieve through relevant, rigorous, standards-driven learning opportunities
• Take ownership in their path to college and career readiness

Virtual Campus is a virtual high school (grades 9-12) that provides all Iowa students the opportunity to get their high school diplomas online.  We are committed to ensuring equitable access and outcomes for each learner.

In the 22-23 DMPS Panorama Survey, our school achieved an outstanding accomplishment by earning the highest score among all Des Moines Public high schools in two critical areas: Student & Teacher Relationships and School Climate. This achievement speaks volumes about the dedication and hard work of our entire school community, including students, teachers, staff, and parents. In the category of Student & Teacher Relationships, we exceeded all expectations by scoring above and beyond 10% higher than any other high school in the district. This result is a testament to the strong bonds and mutual respect fostered between our students and their teachers. It reflects the effort put into creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment, where students feel comfortable expressing themselves, seeking help, and engaging actively in the educational process. These positive relationships between students and teachers undoubtedly contribute to improved academic performance and overall well-being.

Moreover, our school has excelled in the area of School Climate, surpassing other high schools in Des Moines Public Schools by more than 10%. School Climate encompasses the overall atmosphere and culture within the school, encompassing factors such as inclusivity, safety, and a sense of belonging. Our achievement in this category reflects the collective efforts in promoting a positive and welcoming environment for everyone in the school community. By nurturing a healthy school climate, we empower students to develop not only academically but also socially and emotionally. Such remarkable results in both Student & Teacher Relationships and School Climate are a testament to the dedication and commitment of our educators and staff. Their relentless efforts in creating a conducive learning environment that focuses on individual growth, personal development, and a sense of community have paid off significantly.

Virtual Campus is a great place to get your diploma if you:

  • need a flexible schedule.
  • are developing a budding career path. Examples include student athletes and creative talent.
  • would benefit from a supportive environment.
  • need special health accommodations.

Virtual Campus empowers all learners to:

  • Thrive, learn and belong in a personalized, technology-based learning environment.
  • Achieve through relevant, rigorous, standards-driven learning opportunities.
  • Take ownership of their path to college and career readiness.


  • Comprehensive Course Offerings: We offer electives such as Advanced Placement (AP), and dual enrollment options. Students have access to Des Moines’s prestigious Central Campus and Central Academy.
  • Dedicated Faculty: Our experienced and certified teachers are committed to providing an engaging environment, personalized support, and guidance to every student.
  • Technology-Enhanced Education: We embrace technology to enhance the learning experience. Our cutting-edge online platform provides students with interactive tools, multimedia resources, and virtual classrooms, enabling them to actively participate in their education and develop essential digital skills.
  • College & Career Readiness: Preparing students for their future is a priority at Virtual Campus. Our college and career counseling services assist students in exploring their interests, setting goals, and making informed decisions about their post-secondary education and career pathways.
  • Official Diploma: All students graduate with an official Iowa accredited and certified diploma from Virtual Campus.


  • Our online platform allows students to access their courses anytime, anywhere, providing the flexibility to create a personalized learning schedule that fits their individual needs.
  • Most of our students are on a synchronous contract which means they follow the same bell schedule of DMPS brick-and-mortar schools. Students must attend live classes from 8:30 AM- 3:30 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with breaks in between classes and a half hour for lunchtime. 
  • Wednesdays are for asynchronous learning and small group instruction when necessary.
  • Teachers are available for individualized instruction and small group work during school hours.
  • While teachers have office hours, but they have been known to take calls nearly anytime.

Multi-Level Supports

  • Beyond academics, we offer a range of virtual and in-person extracurricular activities, clubs, and events that allow students to explore their interests, develop leadership skills, and connect with their peers in supportive virtual and in-person communities.
  • Students also have access to their home school’s social and athletic teams, clubs, and activities.
  • Wrap-around services are provided for students and families to ensure support with every barrier inside or outside of school. Examples include tutoring and basic needs.
  • Free DART bus pass given with student IDs.
  • Wi-fi and laptop computers are provided and are required to be used.
  • Textbook and technology fees are only $70 .                       
  •  **Please note that in-person testing is required for ISASP, ELPA, STAMP, and AP.

Want to Enroll in Virtual Campus 9-12?

Visit the Enroll Now page for information on joining Virtual Campus for the 2023-24 school year! Parents and students who are interested in learning more about Virtual Campus may schedule an informational meeting.

Want to see our updated Course Catalog and offerings for Virtual Campus High School for the 2023-24 school year? 

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