Canvas software acts as a central hub where teachers can organize their courses and share materials, assignments, and grades with students. Here’s how it benefits parents and students:

For Parents:

  1. Access to Course Information: Parents can log in to Canvas to view their child’s courses, syllabus, and class materials. 
  2. Assignment and Due Date Notifications: Canvas allows parents to receive notifications about upcoming assignments and due dates. 
  3. Grades and Progress Monitoring: Parents can check their child’s grades on Canvas. 
  4. Communication with Teachers: Canvas often facilitates communication between parents and teachers through messaging features. 

For Students:

  1. Course Organization: Canvas provides students with an organized platform where they can access all their course materials, including lecture notes, assignments, and supplementary resources.
  2. Submission of Assignments: Students can submit their completed assignments through Canvas. 
  3. Grade Visibility: Canvas allows students to see their grades for assignments and assessments promptly. 
  4. Collaboration and Communication: Canvas often features collaborative tools that enable students to interact with their peers and teachers. They can participate in discussions, group projects, and ask questions if they need help.