Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is a software platform that helps parents and students keep track of and manage various aspects of their education. It serves as a central system for schools to store and share important information. Here’s how it benefits parents and students:

For Parents:

  1. Access to Student Information: Parents can log in to Infinite Campus to access essential details about their child’s education, such as class schedules, attendance records, and contact information for teachers.
  2. Official grades are found here (not Canvas): Infinite Campus allows parents to view their child’s grades and assignment scores. This helps parents understand how their child is performing in different subjects.
  3. Attendance Monitoring: Parents can check their child’s attendance records on the platform. This way, they can ensure their child is attending classes regularly and address any issues promptly.
  4. Communication with Teachers: Infinite Campus often provides communication tools that allow parents to message teachers directly. This enables parents to discuss their child’s progress, ask questions, or share concerns easily.

For Students:

  1. Class Schedule: Infinite Campus displays the student’s class schedule, making it easy for them to know which classes they have and at what times.
  2. Assignments and Grades: Students can use Infinite Campus to keep track of their assignments and grades. This helps them stay organized and aware of their academic performance.
  3. Attendance Records: Infinite Campus lets students see their attendance history. They can check how many classes they’ve attended and identify any patterns of absence.
  4. Student Portal: Infinite Campus often provides a student portal where students can access resources, submit assignments, and communicate with teachers.

Overall, Infinite Campus makes it convenient for both parents and students to access and manage educational information. It promotes transparency, communication, and organization, making the education experience smoother for everyone involved.