Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Jones

Virtual Campus welcomed several new teachers to the family this year- today we’re spotlighting Mr. Jones!

Teacher Spotlight Jones

Tell us some basic info about yourself (background, family, education, years taught).

This is my 18th year in education. I am a third-generation teacher originally from Aurelia, Iowa. I went to Iowa State University (’03, BS) and A.T. Still University (’12, MS). I’ve taught at the Rabiner Treatment Center near Ft. Dodge, Saydel CSD, and Van Meter CSD. I have K-12 experience in Health, PE, and coaching. I’m happily married (17 yrs) to my wife Kate and we have 3 kids: Gabriel (13), Noah (10), & Phoebe (7). We also have a Cockapoo names Morris (3 yrs old).

What brings you to Virtual Campus?

Once earning my Masters online at A. T. Still University and past conversations with kids, teaching at Virtual Campus is a great opportunity to teach to the desires of the students. I enjoyed the flexibility of working when I could, and I know the students do too. I am excited to be part of this program and continue to develop it into one that others are modeled after.

What are the challenges you have faced, as a teacher, going from teaching in a traditional classroom environment to an online virtual environment?

Not having the daily interaction with the students in a live setting. Not having this interaction has forced me to be even more creative when trying to develop the teacher/student relationship.

What are your hobbies and interested outside of school?

I enjoy fishing, sports, watching movies, woodworking, Iowa State Athletics.

What do you love about Virtual Campus?

I love that it is designed to fit school around the live’s of our students. To help reach them where a traditional brick and motor school doesn’t. I love that it is self paced. Students are allowed to work ahead of peers and not be dependent on the teacher’s schedule.

What makes students successful in your course?

Students are successful in my course when they can take ownership for their personal fitness and apply information / concepts to their unique situation to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Why should students enroll in Virtual Campus?

I believe Virtual Campus provides the equity / flexibility students crave while challenging them in a virtual setting just like the traditional classroom. Students are allowed to work at their own pace and connect with teachers in a more in-depth way compared to the traditional school model.

Mr. Jones, thank you for all that you do!

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