February Teacher Spotlight

This month, we are shining a spotlight on the fantastic Mr. Roe!

Roe spotlightTell us some basic info about yourself (background, family, education, years taught).

I’m originally from Des Moines and a DMPS graduate.  I’ve got two little ones at home (Silas & Goldie) that keep me busy and entertained.  I went to college in Chicago and began my teaching career there before moving back to Iowa to work at Urbandale High School and eventually the Iowa Department of Education online program.  I’ve been in education for 16 years, teaching in Special Education, At-Risk, Social Studies, and online learning. I am very excited to be back with the Des Moines Public Schools.

What brings you to Virtual Campus?

One of my favorite things in education is to join new organizations trying to build and improve teaching and learning through innovation.   I like the philosophy of the Virtual Campus of fitting around the needs of students first.

What are the challenges you have faced, as a teacher, going from teaching in a traditional classroom environment to an online virtual environment?

I am fortunate to have taught online for more than a decade.  Keeping up on new technology and getting the most out of online lessons is something I continue to work on.

What are your hobbies and interested outside of school?

I enjoy playing guitar and chasing my kids around.  I love reading but mostly have resorted to an extreme amount of audio books and podcasts.

What do you love about Virtual Campus?

Virtual Campus is such a welcoming environment for students and staff.  It is easy to tell that people want to be here and it makes every day on campus worthwhile.

What makes students success in your course?

Print or write out the due dates to keep organized.  Submit one assignment per week per course minimum!

Why should students enroll in Virtual Campus? 

Virtual Campus is a high school built from the ground up with students in mind.  We bring education to you when and how you need it.

Thank you for all that you contribute to Virtual Campus, Mr. Roe!

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